Monday, 30 April 2012


So, you're probably all thinking... "I thought you were doing the draw on Saturday?!"
Well, after an old friend turning up on my doorstep after work on Friday, and then celebrating getting our mortgage in principle, understandably I was feeling pretty delicate on Saturday!! ;)

Since Royal Mail announced the packet rate I use was going from £1.58 up to £2.70, I've spent a lot of time considering all of your comments.
From the first question I posed where most of you said "use 2nd class postage & only put up p&p slightly", to most recently, where most of you said "free delivery draws you in"....

I have to admit I had an hour spare before work on Friday so I decided to try it out and put up all of my prices on Not on the High Street, and offer free delivery....
Unfortunately though, I haven't seen many orders this weekend :(

I felt a little bit backed into a corner though and really it was the only logical route for me to take...

Not on the High Street have a setting that means people who live in the Highlands of Scotland, or Ireland get charged £3.95 for a normal delivery, even though Royal Mail don't charge any extra.
I don't agree with this, and I have refunded the £2.50 difference in many orders I've had - but I get charged an admin fee to issue refunds - perhaps a small price to pay to give great customer service, but annoying none the less!
Going down the free delivery route means they won't get charged any different to mainland customers :)

I do hope customers will understand, and my increased prices won't put them off,
I'd love to know what you think, do please take a look at my new prices here

I really do appreciate all of your comments and feedback, I couldn't do what I love without people like you, and for that I will be eternally grateful,

So anyway, I'd better get on with announcing the winner of my secret prize giveaway.......
(dum der der dum dum dum daaaaaaaaaaaaaa......)

(the only man on the list!)

I will get your address from my records Lee, and your prize will be on its way to you very soon,
(and thank you, I'm glad the necklaces you've bought have both gone down well!)

..... so back to work then, I still have to update my own website, so for now it will be closed until I have had chance to change it all, (guess what my bank holiday weekend is going to consist of!)

lots of love & buttons, michelle xxx


  1. Thank you for the lovely prizes, the earrings have already made one friend very happy and I'm saving the ring for my sister! Xx

  2. excellent news Lee! glad to hear you're spreading the love of buttons! :) x