Thursday, 17 March 2011

its been a while!

i have been super busy recently :)

i started a new part time job last week!
something to keep me and my brain active,
and to keep money coming in regularly enough
so i can carry on enjoying making :)

i'm really enjoying it, 
i can fit in crafting time as well as exercise and me time :)

i have been busy making special orders for my Not on the High St customers
such as cards like this one...

with a lovely reading inside...

it really was a pleasure to make :)

i've got some flower cards on their way to my website very soon, 
with a lovely choice of coloured threads

oh and i bought myself some flowers the other day!
gorgeous tulips :) i love them!

you'll be pleased to know my other flowers (of the felt variety) 
are multiplying!
i am busy preparing them for my display at our market on saturday
i really hope people love them as much as i do! :)

this is the board i painted this weekend ready for saturday's market,
i really loved doing it, well, as soon as i'd got started, 
and stopped faffing about what to put where!
i just let it flow :)

i hope it will make a great welcome for our visitors
it adds some of our personality to the already gorgeous village hall :)
(i will remember to take some photos this time!)

we're really looking forward to saturday, we've got some lovely stalls lined up
and i can tell i'm going to be spending some of my new wages before i've even been paid!

if you're local, please pop by,
and if you're not, dont worry, i'll post plenty of piccies, 
and links to sellers websites so you can still see all the gorgeous goodies yourself :)

catch you soon
love & buttons


  1. Lovely post!! That new sign is great, and like your cards too, ( and the jewellery!!)
    Look forward to meeting up again : )

    Sharon xx

    PS Hope it's a lovely day like last month!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your goodies in the flesh!

  3. super excited about saturday :) xx