Friday, 4 March 2011

needle felting...

i have to admit, i am obsessed!

is there a "crafters anonymous"?.....
"hello i'm michelle and i'm addicted to buttons & now needle felting" !! lol!

i didn't really imagine i would get this into it, this quickly! :D

Deanne showed me last week - round her house, sat on the floor watching tv, 
after we'd had a chinese(dodgy!) and a glass of vino! 

She'd been taught by her friend at her crop the week before, 
and she couldn't wait to spread the love & knowledge of felting!

while i was learning, my mind was ticking over and over, 
thinking...  "how can i make this fit with "button it"?!"............

it was when i started playing about with a flower shape a few days later, 
that i suddenly had a light bulb moment!

i've been thinking about making flowers on wire for such a long time... 
flowers that you can stick in a plant pot, to brighten up the place 
- esp when orchids have no flowers on and look all sad!

crocheted or knitted flowers never looked quite right, but now these were perfect! :)

i've even attempted making a butterfly! 
which was pretty difficult, but looks so pretty! :) 
with little pins for its antenna's!

the next evening was time to try hearts....

and then i dreamt up an idea for making letters....
(literally while i was drifting off last night in bed!)

into keyrings!

but then i broke my small needle, so i can't quite finish it off, 
and i have to wait til i go to the craft shop tomorrow to replenish!
can't wait to look at all the pretty coloured wool roving i can buy too! 

watch this space for lots more pretties coming soon! :)

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