Sunday, 29 January 2012

this week i 'ave been mostly......

....thinking about blogging.

it just doesnt come naturally to me, talking about what i have been doing, or what i want to do is generally saved for "actually talking" (my favourite thing apart from buttons)
i just never really put the time aside to write a blog, or read other peoples, as i always feel i should be being creative in other ways instead, like- write a blogpost VS crochet a granny square!

but new year, new beginnings, and since the new year began, i've been following my lovely friend and fellow crafter evajeanie's blog as she is doing "a post a day" about something she has handmade each day.
now, i am definately not productive enough to do this, and also, i'd forget! but it got me thinking i should blog more regularly, so you can get a bit of an idea about the girl behind the buttons.

now, on a slight tangent (i promise you will get to used to my random brain!), the famous "Fast Show" comedy program was a staple for me growing up, and one of mine and my brothers favourite sketches every week, was the guy who would say..."this week i 'ave been mostly eating......" 
so i have decided every week i will be tellng you what i 'ave been mostly "doing" this week!

and maybe i'll tell you about what i've been eating too - i do LOVE food!

so to get things kicked off...
this week i 'ave been mostly... buying lots of wool to make a crochet granny square blanket for myself, and been crocheting some bright spring coloured brooches to put on my website

 and i made broccolli & stilton soup from was rather yummy

stop by next week, and see how the blanket is coming along!
lots of love & buttons, michelle xxx


  1. Good to see you blogging :o)
    Love the colours used in your work and I feel hungry looking at your soup!

    1. thanks lorna!
      it was lush & so easy to make, although mine wasnt as green as the recipe photo (photoshopped no doubt!)...