Sunday, 5 February 2012

this week i 'ave been mostly...... making valentines cards

i am really enjoying the messages i'm being asked to write on peoples cards, and getting repeat orders from men who ordered one last year has really put a smile on my face :)

this is how my desk looked yesterday...

i've had to buy more little red buttons due to the high demand!
and i've also had to set a last order date for guaranteed delivery for Valentines Day
= 8th Feb (get your orders in quick!)

i can happily report orders have also picked up for heart earrings, and probably due to the snow last night I sold a beret today!

also this week, i 'ave been.....
  • dreaming up new ideas
  • getting home from work very tired and not wanting to do much
  • trying to banish the winter blues 
  • and eating a lot of cake
but now the snow is here my winter blues have gone! :)

this morning i am sitting in my armchair watching all the people out walking, or rather sliding in the snow, while i sit in my dressing gown knitting, and my boyfriend keeps me topped up with tea - perfect sunday if u ask me!

hope everyones enjoying the snow (if you were lucky enough)
happy sunday xxx

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