Monday, 13 February 2012

this week i 'ave been mostly...... taking time out

after finishing a stack of valentines day cards ready for posting on Saturday, I set about giving myself a bit of me time :)
lying on the sofa on friday night watching telly, I was very nearly falling asleep - so I got my crochet hook out and got a couple more squares for my blanket done :)

Then Saturday came around and I had a day of doing lots of lovely things - firstly was going to look round a craft fair a friend was organising - Little Gift Store - where there were lots of Warkton stallholders - so in true chatterbox style I had to renew my car parking ticket twice!
This is how Warkton looked from Kettering - all pretty in the snow - hope it warms up before this Saturdays market there!

And after all that me time, it was time to go out for the night with the boyfriend to see Sarah Millican!
I kinda billed it to him as our Valentines night out - even though I knew he probably wouldn't really appreciate her humour as much as if I was to take a girlfriend, but he laughed quite a bit and said afterwards that  it had been funny :)

the highlight for me was the woman sat in front who shouted out (after being asked why would you take spare pants when you go away for the weekend) "i've got a pair in my handbag right now!!"

We went for dinner beforehand too, to Little Tokyo in Leicester - very scrummy Japanese food - if you havent tried it yet, you really should!

Now, after such a busy Saturday I was going round to a friends house yesterday to have tea & cake and general girly chat....
but knowing that she has just got into sewing, I took a dress pattern round that a friend gave me years ago for my birthday-with some GORGEOUS fabric, and thought we could "have a look" at it, and just ponder actually making it....

this is what I came home with!
8 hours of trying to decipher an American dress pattern, 1 of those trying to work out one of the steps and why it wouldn't look like the picture,
lots of tea & cake later, we have made a DRESS! :D

so chuffed with myself and so thankful to lovely Lisa for helping make sense of a scary pattern!

what a lovely weekend! didn't really want it to end....

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