Thursday, 1 March 2012

this week i 'ave been mostly...... trying to catch up

time has been running away from me lately...
working part time, selling online, and attempting to have a social life is a bit too much sometimes!

since my last post we've updated the Warkton Village Craft Market blog (see last week)
with photos of the lovely day we had...

i loved having an excuse to wear my vintage apron made by Billie who has been to Warkton before

as anyone who has had a stall at a craft fair will know, it is knackering!
all you want to do afterwards is slob on the sofa and have a takeaway
its even worse when you're the organiser and have to pack everything away and collect the signs from the grass verges around the village!

so last week was spent relaxing and getting over the busy market weekend...
still the orders kept on coming through Not on the High Street so there was no rest for the wicked!

i have also been making new products, which need photographing and editing, but up til a few days ago i didn't have any bulbs for my halogen studio lamps - silly me let one fall over and the bulb broke!

luckily mr button it ordered some more (they are actually his lamps!) and decided to buy a light tent too - which helps me out no end now!

i only used one light, and will probably use another from the right side to even out the shadow,
but i am loving the way the tent diffuses the light
and i absolutely love these buttons i found in my stash - proper vintage!

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