Wednesday, 25 April 2012

lately i've been mostly....

.....very busy doing grown up things!
button it has kind of gone on the back burner for a while, which is frustrating me in a way - i'm happiest when i'm creating, but sometimes exciting things in life have to take priority!

firstly, back about a month ago me & my fiance went to see where we're planning on having our wedding -

a waterfall in Scotland near Fort William called "Caig Falls" where Bonny Prince Charlie was rumoured to hide out in the olden days. We'd already had our hearts set on this place since seeing it a couple of years ago, but we needed to find a hotel to have the reception at.
So we enjoyed the hottest week ever in Scotland and found the hotel straight away!
Lots of walking and eating at gorgeous restaurants later we were driving back to Northamptonshire planning our guest list for May 2014!

Next up on the list.... (wedding, house, dog then kids - thats just how life goes)
We've been house hunting recently since we saw a 1930's bay fronted semi go up on the market and then sell before we could see it, we looked around the next door & put an offer in for that - which was beaten just before we went to Scotland - so frustrating, but as everyone said - everything happens for a reason...
Last week, the original house came back on the market - and we got first dibs to see it!
Our offer has been accepted and we're going to arrange our mortgage on Friday! Eeek!
Fingers crossed everyone! :)

So after all that, I hope you'll forgive me for being a bit quiet!
I am still busy sending orders out, and I will soon be re-jigging my shops due to Royal Mail price increases - which needs a whole blog post to itself!

I have also just been accepted onto 2 big-ish craft fairs in September & October, which will keep me busy preparing for - i'd better get those knitting needles out again ;)

catch u soon!
lots of love & buttons, michelle xxx

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