Sunday, 5 October 2014

Enjoying the weekends again

I can honestly say, this weekend has been the first one in months, maybe even years, that I've properly enjoyed.
I've not felt guilty that I should be working, and I've actually done proper weekend stuff. That I've been putting off for months (maybe even years!)

I took the plunge and became self employed last week.
I now work 3 mornings a week for a friend and her business, and the rest of my time is for me and my business. Thursdays and Fridays are now my "work weekend" meaning I have Saturday and Sunday free to spend with Kev (Mr button it) and Walter our 6 month old Husky puppy

I really did underestimate just how much this would change my life.
I expected to feel happier, but didn't quite realise just how much happier, in even just the first few days. Its amazing, and I wish I'd done it sooner. 

The first thing I did on Thursday morning - my first day at my desk, was write a to-do list... 
It really helps me to "brain dump", get everything out of my brain and onto paper, so that the creative side of my brain can have some time alone, to get on with fun stuff
I divided my paper into two halves, one side work/business related, and the other house/life related. 
Keeping the two separate is a tip my new boss Fran gave me, she said "keep weekend stuff to the weekend". So although it was so tempting to get on with the decorating I've been wanting to finish for months, I wrote it on my "weekend" list, alongside fixing (restuffing & sewing up) Walters toys.
A job, that if I hadn't written it on my list, I probably would have put off for another week, but seeing his little face as I gave his stuffed octopus back to him, all fixed and ready for him to pull apart again, I'm glad I did.

Thats one of my top listing tips - make sure you do everything on your list. 
I would carry jobs over to the next week, but then they never get done, and you never get the sense of satisfaction of ticking off every item, and throwing the list in the bin. 
So another tip that goes with this one - be realistic.
I knew I would be limited with time, and that the last few days would fly by, but with these two lists I feel satisfied with my achievement, and that I've not just wasted my first self employed week.

Feeling very positive about next week, and one of my biggest craft fairs of the calendar - but i'll tell you more about that next week,

Have a splendid week folks,
love & buttons, 
michelle xxx

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