Wednesday, 8 May 2013

a weekend at Lamport Hall

I had a lovely bank holiday weekend at Lamport Hall Art, Craft & Design Fair
it was the first of this kind of fair they've done, and one i hope they will continue

i had attended their October Gift & Craft Fair so I knew what to expect;

- setting up the day before so I didn't have to stress on Sunday morning and realise i'd left something at home (even though it was chucking it down with hail on Saturday afternoon and i dropped my price tickets in a puddle!)

- demonstrating my craft (getting myself a £10 discount!), by which i mean happily sitting crocheting my blanket, which everyone fell in love with, and created a lovely talking point

- sitting at the doorway of a cold stable block, even though there was baking hot sun outside!

- and hoardes of people visiting the gorgeous hall & gardens and buying my stuff!

it didn't just meet them, it surpassed my expectations,
i was so happy after the first day, having doubled what i took on the first day in October - i went to a friends birthday bbq party with a big grin on my face!
even bigger when i didn't get up with a hangover, and drove down the road in the glorious sun for the second day :)
the ice cream van made a killing, and i didn't do too badly either!

i had expected it to be a lot quieter than October, because there wasn't the buying potential that Christmas brings...
however, i wonder if people are happy to treat themselves more at this time of year, the sunshine always makes me want to buy new pretty things!

My new display helped a lot, and new cards went down a storm, especially when people realised i could personalise them there and then with my trusty pencil!

My gorgeous printer tray continues to make people smile, and i'm always so chuffed when i set it up and fill all the little spaces with my pretties!

My popularity may also have been down to a game i devised....

... of,  how many buttons in the jar?

Lots of people took the time to guess and write their details down for me, I have guesses from 82 to 1800!
I can tell you its somewhere in the middle, but I haven't had the time to count them yet!
I thought it best not to count them beforehand, otherwise i'd have been able to give clues!

I will be counting them tomorrow and emails will be sent out to everyone who entered,
Good Luck! :)

All in all, a bloomin lovely weekend. Oh, and the sun came out! ;)
Thank you to my lovely stall neighbour Debbie from Daisys Yard for helping me out on my stall when i needed a wee (and a sneaky wander round the other stalls - everytime i went away, she sold something!)
And thank you to the lovely Sara who was painting a gorgeous picture next to me all weekend - it was great to see the painting take shape throughout the 2 days!

I will be there again in October, and i'm looking forward to it already! :)

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