Friday, 21 January 2011

bright & stripey :)

this week my boyfriends mate "trev" asked me to knit him a beanie...
(that isn't his real name, but everyone calls him that - except his girlfriend!)

he wanted it to be bright and stripey, and chose the colours, but he admitted he wasn't too sure about orange & blue, until he saw it halfway thru!
he loved it, and kept asking me when it was going to be finished, its been freezing this week!

well i finished it this afternoon, and thought i'd share it with everyone else before him!!

i do hope he loves it, and more importantly i hope it fits him! 
i've tried it on and it fits my big head! and wool thankfully stretches well...

with the two strands of wool going through it, its certainly going to be warm!

 i'll try my best to get a photo of him modelling it to share with you very soon!

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