Saturday, 29 January 2011

webcam discovery!

i was sitting at my desk, after making a new hair corsage, 
thinking, i need to take a photo of this..... 

ah well i'll just put it in my hair for now (just to make sure it works properly ;) !!) 
and think about taking studio shots tomorrow.....

i havent got a studio set up permanently since moving house :(
(i miss our garage!)
i have to set it up on our dining room table, so i try and group several new makes together....
sometimes the excitement from new inventions fades a bit by the time i get round to it :(
but then... i suddenly realised i have a webcam! 
so here's a shot of me showing off my new creation!

i just had to share it with you, i really think you girls will love them :)

i've spent most of my saturday cleaning and tidying the house
working up to sorting my craft room!

it has been half sorted & in a mess for ages, 
and now i've just ordered some yummy turquoise tissue paper and jiffy bags in bulk,
i thought i'd better make some room for it all!

as you can see there still isn't very much room for anything extra!!
but it feels a lot more organised and i have a board & wall space for some inspiring imagery
i'll be printing some bits out that ive spied on some blogs i've found :)

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