Sunday, 20 May 2012

i think i've just about got it sorted.......
packaging and presentation are two things that are really important to me 
- yes, i will buy a book just by the cover!
i always try to take the best photos that i can - i do re-do them every now & again 
- and everytime think "how did i sell any of them with photos like them before?!"

so when "Postage-Gate" came about, i took it as a good opportunity to re-brand and re-juvenate my shops!

i designed my logo a long while ago when i launched my new website 
(which is currently offline while i update it)
and now i've finally got round to ordering some business cards with the same design!
i can't wait to use them!

i've added some new products to my NOTHS shop, 
that i made at Christmas as special orders, 
these chunky bracelets & rings have gone down really well :)

i'm rocking the polka dots at the moment 
 realising i can use them in a whole host of other ranges that i make - it ties them all in together, & creates matching sets of things that can be given for gifts
(more polka dot hair accessories on their way soon!)

and my favourite thing i've been mostly doing this week is decorating these gift boxes for my earrings

i realised to cut postage costs, i can package earrings in boxes
and so i just had to buy some stamps to decorate them with!

My friend Fran - Little Gift Store makes the most gorgeous rubber stamps,
 so i asked her to make me some buttons! 
i think she's excelled herself-they are so intricate 
(she even had to make her own tool to make them!)

i hope you love them too!

so as i was saying, i think i've just about got it all sorted on my NOTHS page
still to come is my own website - but i will let you all know when its back up
and i think i'll do a SALE or something to reward you all for your patience!

lots of love & buttons, michelle xxx

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