Friday, 7 September 2012

i didnt realise it has been quite so long since my last post,
it has taken since the beginning of may to go through the process of buying our first home, so i think you can let me off not blogging for that very stressful period!

we have now got our new house keys, but dont move in for a while as it needs a whole new re-wire and the kitchen wall is coming down! (very much a project, i feel like Sarah Beeney is going to walk in at any moment!)
oh and because its taken so long for us to exchange contracts, the garden resembles a wild meadow!

this week i have been mostly..... getting ready for, MK Vintage & Handmade Fair
a market outside John Lewis in Milton Keynes, that a lot of my crafty friends have done before and thoroughly recommended, we're all going to be there this weekend, Saturday 9-7 and Sunday 10-6
(yes, very long weekend - takeaways guaranteed!)

thought i'd share some photos on here instead of clogging up your instagram feed.....

beret hats with interchangeable flower brooches

hairgrips before being buttoned...

dont they look pretty in sweetie jars!

collar scarves

pretty heart earrings waiting to set

all packed and ready to pick up Quirky Boots!
so thats me now, finishing off a few more brooches and hairgrips and getting an early night before the manic weekend! Deanne from Quirky Boots is sharing my stall, so I'm picking her up at 6am tomorrow!
yes thats right i said 6am! eeeeek!

please do give me a prod and wake me up if you come along over the weekend!
love & buttons, michelle xxx

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  1. Love the pic of the "gardener", I can't wait to see what is in the garden! x