Saturday, 9 March 2013

back to blogging

mixing business with pleasure through Instagram, got me thinking, I should blog about more personal stuff as well as buttony stuff...
And now I've got the "blogger" app on my phone I might actually get round to posting... So here goes nothing... (if I get past a couple of weeks, then I'm really onto something, bear with me)

So my life....
Right now im on my sofa, with a large glass of red (nothing new)
With a re-awakened love of our house, since we moved in, in oct last year.
We have cupboards on our kitchen wall!!

Kev-mr buttonit, is away for the night, as a motocross photographer he's covering a race in Preston so he's got a hotel room, and I can starfish in bed on my own tonight (if I don't fall asleep on the sofa)

I always think i can get more stuff done while I've got the house to myself, but unfortunately I love to procrastinate.
Telling myself I'm getting around to the things I've been meaning to do, but actually just doing the easy, fun stuff and then going out shopping because I'm lonely!

My weekdays are full of crafting and working, so i try to do work on the house at the weekend, but there's always something (more exciting) going on.
Last weekend was a night out in MK my mates boyfriend was djing at, and the week before there was a vintage fair.

But this weekend by Saturday night there are cupboards on my kitchen wall, and for that I am forever indebted to Jon.
I've had a lovely day with a good mate who I dont see nearly enough of :)
And there's been a lot less arguments than if I was helping mr buttonit do it!!

Listening to Craig Charles on the radio earlier, the anthem of my life in this house came on- "the clean up woman"
Boys make mess and build things, I tidy and clean up...

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