Sunday, 17 March 2013

a funny old weekend

its been a long, busy and slightly odd weekend...
nothing has quite gone to plan, Mercury must be in retrograde!

i took a long weekend off work to use up my last few days, and i thought it would be nice to have a rest around running Warkton Village Craft Market on Saturday
there are still LOTS of jobs to do around the house and i should also get on with making some stock for upcoming fairs i've got stalls at....
the thing is when i plan too much, i never do any of it very well, while i'm doing one job, i'm thinking about doing another

so i start off wallpapering the hallway - just lining paper to paint over, but its an improvement on the green plaster of yesteryear!

i ended up bodging a couple of bits, and going over some rawl plugs that i was too girly to remove myself and too impatient to wait for Kev to take out! so that strip may be re-done,
i really wanted to get the job finished that day though! i hate waiting

today, me and Jon attempted to fit the kitchen sink, but couldnt work out where the stop tap was, until after twiddling lots of taps under the sink, I realise after Jon's given up for the day & gone home, that i have no water! we just hadnt drained the water tank enough.... again, i hate waiting

yesterday was Warkton
i woke up to a dreary morning and got suitably soaked while i hammered in the signs by the sides of the surrounding roads. i was glad to see Deanne had opened up the hall and put the tables out already by the time i got there, I already knew it was going to be a quiet day, if i hadn't been doing this, i'd be in my pjs all day!
unfortunately i was right and it was one of our quietest fairs to date...
we had a good laugh, and ate lots of cake,

...but we feel bad for stallholders who've taken a whole day out of their weekend, when they could be crafting at home in the warm, who may not sell as much as they'd hoped to

seeing that a vintage fair in Northampton yesterday was really busy, i'm starting to worry that the handmade wagon might be on the way out, vintage seems to be overtaking.
Thinking about my own shopping habits, i'm guilty of snubbing handmade fairs, for more "delving around for a bargain" vintage events! I love handmade crafts, but i tend to buy more online than at fairs, and also, like a lot of creative type people, i try and make a lot of things myself...

i think we have Kirstie Allsopp to thank for a lot of this!

i dont want to stop doing them altogether, but monthly fairs are a lot to keep up with
we have talked about maybe doing less in the year, advertising more, and trying to find more new exciting stalls for our customers

a lot to think about...
and what with fitting my kitchen, measuring for worktops, and working out logistics of ordering kitchen items,
my heads all over the place! but luckily i have no work tomorrow either so i might actually get a rest!


  1. im exhausted reading what you've been up lol
    i'm totally shattered now after having my craft group today as well, age is creeping in me thinks lol x

    1. no, i will not succumb to age! ;) lol xx

  2. Wow you had a busy weekend.
    It was quiet fair but it's always a lovely day and good to catch up with crafty people (have made many new friends through your fairs :o)

    Noticed a couple of times you have had vintage stalls mixed in with crafty stalls and it was nice change.
    Could you get stalls that sell supplies or doing demo like Monica and two turtles did this sat.
    Would hate to lose Warkton fair.

    (sorry left an essay!)

    1. thank you for your comments lorna, im sure me and deanne will sit & chat lots about it, over lots of half cups of tea, and most probably some cake!
      like you say its always nice to see everyone, its a nice little community we've helped to bloom, and it would be such a shame to lose it. dont fear, we're not going anywhere just yet! xx