Thursday, 21 March 2013

future thinking....

since things got a bit quieter after Mothers Day, my mind has turned to the craft fairs i've got booked soon.
im really looking forward to showing off my work, and getting out & about again!

the last few stalls i've had - mainly filling up last minute space at Warkton, have been less than planned, and i've not felt that i've got enough stock. i always joke us crafters should get t-shirts printed up saying "a crafter is never ready"!
so for next months Warkton, when i have a stall, i want to be confident that i've got everything i wanted to sell, and be happy with how my stall looks.

i might be inspired by my friends fair i'll be visiting tomorrow -

 or maybe its the mention of spring being on its way (not that the weather knows about it!), but i'm actually beginning to get my head around making stock before the mad rush a week before!
i've been laying my stock out on the props i use, and making price tickets with my new toy - letter stamps!

i'm going for nice spring pastel colours (definately inspired by Selina's pastel fair!)  and i'm trying out some new products, these are pin cushions-one side bright, one side cream

to top it all off, this link popped into my inbox this evening!

i'll be at Warkton Village Craft Market on April 20th
and the Art, Craft & Design fair at Lamport Hall on May Bank Holiday Sunday 5th & Monday 6th
see you there!

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