Thursday, 14 March 2013

its good to talk...

i've just got in from a lovely evening at a crafty friends house

it was lovely to sit & pootle about with our crafts, cross legged on the floor like children, in front of a gorgeous roaring open fire
i took some new pin cushions to finish off, but i think i spent more time talking and eating cake!

just to have that little bit of human interaction with people is so important, especially as some of the girls don't have day jobs where they see other people
and to talk about where we see our little businesses going, and ideas we might have
and to air little moans, that you think is just you, but when you say it out loud it seems everyone else feels the same :)
us crafty types are a little bit.... erm..... different! in a good way of course.... my kind of weird

i love having crafty friends, and hope these evenings will continue
(next week i might even take some wine with me!)

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